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    Unanswered: Oracle 8i can not install on windows 2003 server

    More on Oracle 8 on Win2k3. I can install Oracle 8 on Win2k3 but can not start the DB and the Listener. There are 2 services; OracleStart and OracleTNSListener80 do not start. The Listener can not manually start, message shown the services started and stopped due to no work to do. The message shown when start the StartDB80.exe; StartDB80.exe encountered a problem and needed to stop (it is a MS Windows message) and want to report to MS.
    Can you tell me how to fix

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    Oracle 8i is NOT supported nor certified with MS Windows Server 2003. The fact you installed it doesn't mean it will work (as you can see).

    Check Certification matrices for more information.

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