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    Unanswered: db2look statement -no password in test.sql

    Hello everybody,

    I try export the structure of the following table with the db2look statement:

    db2look -e -d sample -t table -i xx -w yy -o x:\test.sql

    In the output file test.sql the password is missing.

    There only stands: connect to sample user xx;

    But I want the following output: connect to sample user xx using yy;

    Can anyone tell what is wrong in this export statement.

    Thanks for help toette

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    I do not think that db2look can supply the password. This is because the password is maintained by the OS and is usually encrypted with an algorithm that is basically one way. This means that the password that is stored cannot be decrypted easily. Password checking is done by encrypting the inputted values and checking the result against what is stored.

    Besides having the password in an uncrypted format in some script file is not a good idea anyway. It is a big security risk.


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