I am having a problem with the java DST patch for Linux on Redhat Enterprise 3 update 4 for DB2 v8.

I tried to jar it according to the readme, but for whatever reason jar isn't out there, I found another which I tried to reference it, but I get:

/opt/IBMJava2-131/bin/jar -xvf
JVMXM004: JVM is performing abort shutdown sequence
JVMDG217: Dump Handler is Processing a Signal - Please Wait.
JVMDG303: JVM Requesting Java core file
JVMDG304: Java core file written to /root/javadst/javacore7269.
JVMDG215: Dump Handler has Processed Exception Signal 11.
Segmentation fault

The javacore file doesn't have anything meaningful to me.

Any ideas?