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    Unanswered: postgre to c++, c++ to postgre

    Hi everyone ... this is my first post in this forums, so please correct me if i'm doing anything wrong.

    There are some problem when i want to migrate some function that i make in c++ with executing some query (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE) and take the resultset and use them for the main program. The problem is:
    1. how to execute or call a postgre's procedure (with output and input parameter) and function from c++ ?
    2. how to make a procedure in postgre with input and output parameter ? (some example please)
    3. how to break the composite type in postgre when the result already sent to c++ ? (how to break the result set to the base type)
    my_type = (int2,int4,varchar) --> i want to break the result to : int2 variable, int4 variable, and varchar variable.

    That's all i have to ask ... I'm really really hopes for your helps ....
    Thanks ....

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    I'm not a c++ user, but here's some examples of user defined functions returning values...
    33.4.1, 33.4.2, 33.4.3

    I haven't tried this, but you may be able to create a type in SQL that's analgous to your c++ type and use it in your SQL function... There's an example in the link above of using a created type as an output of a function. Give it a try to see if you can use a created type as an input parameter...

    CREATE TYPE your_cpp_type as (i2 int2, i4 as int4, vc as varchar);
    CREATE FUNCTION YourFunction (your_cpp_type) RETURNS ...
    You may have to declare the input parameters separately. (or add a custom data type to postgreSQL, which, from what little I've read about, is not trivial)
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