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    Unanswered: Adding records to multiple tables

    I have several tables and one "Master" table all linked by an ID field which is the primary key for each table. How can I automatically update the "master" table with any addition, deletion or change I make in the non-master tables? Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like your table structures are a wee bit wrong...
    Are these records lookups?
    If you wanted to store country against and employees record (the master table in this case is employees) then instead of each employee record containing the words "United Kingdom" or "United States of America" etc etc...
    Then you would create a joining lookup table to hold this information (normalisation!).
    Your tables would then be something like:

    Employees(EmployeeNum, Surname, Forename, CountryID)
    Country(CountryID, CountryName)
    Where the join between the tables is CountryID.

    So instead of our employee table looking like this:
    01 | Smith | John | United Kingdom
    02 | Smith | Dave | United Kingdom
    03 | Smith | Paul | United States of America
    04 | Smith | 1337 | United States of America

    To a normalised form of:
    01 | Smith | John | 01
    02 | Smith | Dave | 01
    03 | Smith | Paul | 02
    04 | Smith | 1337 | 02

    01 | United Kingdom
    02 | United States of America

    Now for the answer to your question
    If you use lookup tables - to make a change - for example you made a spelling mistake in United Kingdom - instead of updating every record in the employee table, you just make the change in the Country table (our new lookup table).

    HTH (instead of confuses)
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