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    Unanswered: calculation nightmare

    I have created a table from a text file. I need to create some queries to perform calculations and I am not sure how to go about it. In the table is the name of the employee, date and the transactions they completed. I brought over the transactions field as text but it represents the transactions performed as time. For example; the first transaction for that day was 8:45am, followed by 8:47am and another at 8:59am. I need to first find out how many hours the employee worked and how many transactions per 1/4 hour the employee performed from this field. In this example, it was three transactions between 8:45am and 9:00am (three per quarter hour) If this holds and the employee works 8 hours minus a lunch, it would be about 84 transactions for that day. I don't work with calculations a lot and I need a way to do this. I hope I provided enough information to grasp the concept I am trying to do.

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    You are not providing enough information on how you want the final result displayed. Do you want an average transaction rate per quarter hour? Or do you want a listing of each quarter hour and how many transactions occured in that quarter hour.

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    Ultimately, I want an average transaction rate per quarter hour but I also want a listing of each quarter hour and how many transactions occured in that quarter hour. Is this possible?

    Thank you

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    Forgive me for sounding a little longwinded. You could use a crosstab query but I stopped using these as I found them inefficient. Without going into averaging at this stage

    I would create a query with Totals, Group on Employee and Date. Ttoal Transactions. Then for each Qtr hour I would define:

    HourQtr1: if([Time] Between 8:46 and 9:00,Count([Transactions],0)
    HourQtr2: iif([Time] between 9:01 and 9:15,Count([Transactions],0) etc..

    Create your report with all the HourQtr2 and you can graphically represent and compare how many transactions each employee has acheived.

    The Average is Total Transactions divided by HourQtrs

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    thank you for you response. I will try this and see if it works like I need it to. If not, you have given me a good start.

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    Another approach that I frequently take is to create a function that determines a range, like this...

    Public Function QuarterHour(datTime As Date) As Long
        Select Case datTime
            Case Is < #8:00:00 AM#
                QuarterHour = 1
            Case Is < #8:15:00 AM#
                QuarterHour = 2
        End Select
    End Function
    NOTE: You will want to add more quarter hours, but this gives a start.

    Then you can create a table with all of your ranges:

    1-----------Before 8:00AM
    2-----------8:00AM to 8:15AM

    You can then call the function in a query RangeID:QuarterHour([Time]) and then use Count and Group By to come up with all of the counts by employee etc. that you want.

    When you go to print the info on a report then you can use that table to display the Range Text.

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