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    Unanswered: Login failed for user '(null)'.

    I recieved this error in my logs:

    Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

    It appeared nearly 20 times, then about 30 minutes after the first occurence, I noticed in my Event Viewer this error:

    The registration of DNS name for network name resource 'SQL Network Name(SQLServer)' failed for the following reason:

    DNS operation refused.

    After that I began recieving hundreds of errors like this one:

    Login failed for user 'SQL user'. Only administrators may connect at this time.

    I was unable to connect to the server to see what was going on so I had to failover the server. That's why my troubleshooting is limited to error logs. After the failover, everything came up fine with no more errors. Has anyone ever encountered this before?

    BTW, This is a SQL 2000 Cluster on Windows 2000.

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    This happened to me once. The issue I had was the sql server lost it's connection to the network. The techies checked it out for me and it needed a new nic card. It was fine after that.

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