Hey there,
I have an ActiveX control that is not releasing memory when the form is closed. Becuase of the size of this particular control and the number of users that will be using the application, I want it to free up any resources not being used immediately. For example, lets say I have 1000 kb of available memory. When I open a form without the control, it takes 100 kb of memory, leaving 900 kb of memory. When I close it, it released it, and I once again have 1000 kb of available memory. As soon as I add this control, when I close the form, instead of having 1000 kb of available memory, I have 934 kb. If I open and close it again, then I have 896. If I open and close it again, I have 831 and so on and so on. Once I close access completely, then all my memory is freeed up again. Is there any way to force a dispose on a control? The ActiveX control supposedly relys on Access to dispose it's used resources.