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Licensed Real Estate Agent Database

This database has over 1 million listings for licensed realtor's throughout the United States. One of the most complex and significant financial events in peoples� lives is the purchase or sale of a home or investment property.

A real estate broker is a person or persons that deals with the process of buying property on behalf of a client. The broker acts as a middleman, purchasing property for a commission. In the United States, a real estate broker has a fiduciary relationship with his/her client(s), whereas in the U.K. a real estate broker is known as an estate agent due to the fact that his/her business is to market real estate.

Real estate brokers work with sellers and on their behalf. They organize marketing and sell the property for the highest possible price. Working with buyers, they act as the buyer's agent and help them purchase a property for the lowest possible price, all the while looking at the best possible financial gain for the client without compromising the potential sale.

Due to the fierce competition of this industry, brokers are now seeking out real estate financial services, namely Certified Mortgage Planners that help them analyze the clients' financial positions with their curriculums. Agreements are not necessary and brokers can still assist their clients with the purchase of property and represent their client's benefits at the same time.

In the United States, a license is needed to practice legal real estate brokerage. If there's practice without a license, this is considered unlawful, although buyers and sellers acting as principals need not have a license. Some states have lawyers that deal with real estate sales for compensation and need not have a license for being brokers or agents.

Be a first time home purchase or an empty nest house, the first place most people would look for help is a real estate agent listed in a real estate database. This can be easily passed along through the down loadable list of professionals that we can provide you. Whether you're in marketing, telemarketing or even a web business, this comprehensive list can help further your business. Only licensed and bonded agents are listed in the real estate database. In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, real estate agents are required to undergo classroom training and state testing to obtain their license to move properties. They are also required to be insured, bonded and retest every few years to state current to state and national trends.

A successful marketing campaign includes someone or something that can further expand the interests of those you are marketing. Some people have had success in selling their homes or renting apartments without the assistance of a real estate database placed agent�to save on the 3-6% commission fee usually paid the agent after the deal is closed. While this works mostly for the benefit for apartment hunting�though those who have nowadays called a �referral service� will try to have a fee paid by the seeker for this service�this seldom is the case for the home seller. A listed real estate database real estate agent knows what a particular family is looking for in a home when an owner holding an open house on his/her own wouldn�t know this important data in their audience.

For web masters, lists of reputable companies and individuals are almost like a gift. They rely on positive results from their listings, so the success of this down loadable real estate list could lead to better business for web masters too. This reliable list is one click away, get at it and use it to your advantage!!

Record Fields: ID, First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial, Full Name, Suffix, Agency Name, Address 1, Address 2, City. State, Zip, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address, County, MSA, CMSA, LOT Number, Delivery Point, Carrier Route, Check Digit

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