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    alright im new here and i have just started using oracle. i have a oracle database to create and i am having problems choosing what tables to create. the database i am designing is explained as follows:

    A database system is required to control the way in which exam paper moderation is carried out in the computing department. The current system involves the staff members who teach on the module setting an exam paper. This is then passed to another member of staff with knowledge of the area who checks it for any errors or problems with the level of question set. The moderator writes a short report which is handed back to the setter. Any changes to the paper are then made and the setters record any changes made in response to the moderator. If the paper requires an external examiner it is posted off to another University. All papers that require an external examiner are sent in a single batch by a date specified by the University. There is normally one external examiner per course (i.e. one for the BSc, another for the AB, MSc etc.) It then comes back a few weeks later, and may have suggestions for alterations/corrections from the external examiner. Finally after this stage, it is submitted to the exams office ready to be printed in time for the examination period.
    Each of the stages above has to be recorded, i.e. the progress of each paper through the process is kept up-to-date, usually with the date that the paper passes each stage recorded, but as indicated above at various stages short text reports are compiled.
    For many modules there is one member of staff who sets the paper, but there are a number of modules shared between two or more staff members.
    [N.B. external examiners are normally required to see all award bearing papers - which normally means final year papers on a particular course, although he can request to see more]

    thanks in advance for any help. i just need to make sure i choose the right tables and be sent in the right direction before i start creating the database. cheers.

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    Your Data Flow Diagram, Entity Life History, Entity Relationship Diagram etc etc will tell you what tables (and what columns on the tables) you need.

    You will find it very hard to design a database without first working out what data needs to be on it!
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    thanks for the quick reply. looling into it now. thanks

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