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    Unanswered: can you identify the Range Validation index

    Hello to All,

    Ok, here is what I am trying to do. I have one field B2 that is set up for validation to a range of fields that contain Zip-codes. say M1-M500. Now I want to set up another field to use validation off of the first field B2 but use B2's index plus one row. So say they selected the zip code in the drop down box in B2 that the value is in M5. I want A2 to automaticly populate with B2's index which is set to M5 to then populate the data that is in N5.

    To try to give an example. Because I selected 79604 from the validation drop down A then populates with the D column of the same row as the choses in B.

    A B C D
    Abilene 79604 02169 Quincy
    79510 Clyde
    79604 Abilene

    Thanks for all the help and I hope I wasn't too confusing.


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    Howdy. yes, it can be done. Debra Dalgleish has some excellent instructions:
    Dependent Validation Lists.
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