A SQL query has been succeded via main thread

2. A diffrent thread , using different ODatabase(Created in the main thread) , Osession (Created in the main thread ) and Odynaset tries

to run the same SQL query ,in doing Odynaet->Open operation -> Display "Access
violation" Error message appears.
This message appears only rarely but repeat itself in the same scenario.

3. the error message asks ( Visual c++ Error message display in debug mode) for "Break" or "continue" . if I press on
"Break" button - the debug continues and the result is No error ( and no error text in
ODynaset.GetErrorText()) and the SQL query succeeded !!!!

Additonaly , No OException or Cexption on this action can be caught ( it looks it

4. Any operation regrading getting the Odatabase , Odynast->Open is thread safe
- using critical section and other application semaphore.

5.The diassembly points to Ora9n.dll. - but agian , no more info from dynaset is available

What can it be ? is it a known bug ?????