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    Unanswered: Networking Problem? Perhaps Corruption? Need Troubleshoot Help


    Our small non-profit organization has all of our data stored in an access database. We received a new computer, which a volunteer networked with our existing computers.

    Everything worked great for a couple of weeks. Another volunteer transferred quickbooks from one computer to another, and after that point, we had intermittant Access troubles. After turning the computers (all three) on & off a few times, one could access our access database.

    The volunteer who networked the three computers came to our office to help with the access problems. He discovered corruption on one of the computers (quick books) and fixed that. He also made the new computer the "home" of the access database. We copied 7 pasted the database to the c drive of the new computer & placed it in shared files so all three computers can access the database.

    Everything worked great for a few hours, then the Access database on the new computer froze. Ever since then, one cannot access the Access database. One receives a message to enter the full netork path, and to attach VICSW Data.mdb. However, one cannot find such a file, even in hidden files.

    We cannot even access the database zip files that were saved as backup. We receive the same message.

    Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Long shot:

    In the folder where the access databse should be stored - is there an *.ldb file? If so - delete it.

    As for your method of deployign the database, I think that needs a rethink...
    split the mdb into a front-end and back-end (BACKUP FIRST!) - stick the back end in the shared folder and then deploy the front end to each 'pooter.

    A community expert will no doubt have a better/more accurate solution, but first thing's first - we need to get this file working again before you rethink the deployment.


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