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    Question Unanswered: rollback from log files

    i had a wrong update, which was followed by a commit about three days ago. and it has spoiled a whole table. the problem is that, there have been millions of transactions after the update so far, and now i'd like to create a copy of the db on some other server, and roll it back by about three days, and copy back the old data. Is it possible?? and i was told that sybase itself cannot manage it, and that i have to find some third party applications that work with sybase log files
    can somebody suggest me anything, pleease?! it's really urgent! any advice highly appreciated!!
    thanks in advance!!

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    If you run with trunc log on checkpoint than no one can help you.
    If you have log dumps, restore your database dump from 3+ days ago
    Then load the log dumps with until_time

    loads the transaction log up to a specified time in the transaction log. Only transactions committed before the specified time are saved to the database.

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