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    Unanswered: Calculating cumulative values

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to make a SELECT that gives me a field with cumulative values over the year.

    The table schema is:

    date value description
    200402 2 xpto
    200408 1 xpto
    200411 1 xpto
    200501 1 xpto
    200502 1 xpto
    200503 3 xpto

    I'm using analytical functions to get the result that I want, but the result isn't exactly how I want.

    The SELECT is:

    SELECT SUM(value) OVER (PARTITION BY description ORDER BY date) cum_val, value, date
    FROM table inputs;

    The result that I'm getting is:
    cum_val value date
    2 2 200402
    3 1 200408
    4 1 200411
    5 1 200501
    1 1 200502
    4 3 200503

    Has it shows, it cumulates over a year, and it's not what I want.


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    As you've put it, 'date' column is NOT A DATE. It is either a number, or a character column. If you want to get cummulative per year, you'll have to extract year from current value (first 4 "characters").

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    Thanks for the reply, but even if I convert the date field to a real date column (for example all as the first day of the month) the result is the same.

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    You need to understand what Littlefoot is saying: you need to PARTITION BY the four digits of the year, not the whole date.

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    Just got it.....

    Many thanks.

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