Hi there,

I am using DB2 8.2 QMF z/os, when I try to save a table in JCL, the job fails with an error "DSQ20855 Your current DATA object is too large for you to save"

The table contains 15 million rows and 5 columns: integer, char(10), char(10), Timestamp, and varchar(75).

I can save it without varchar(75).

The DBA said it is not a space problem, but some limitations in QMF, however he haven't found what it is yet.

We have increased size to 8192 (I don't know what size is referring, it is on the login page when I log on to TSO)

We also tried to include the following in JCL:
// UNIT=DASD,SPACE=(CYL,(1500,1500)),

But still doesn't work.

Can anybody help? In addition, I wonder what's the difference while a DBA running the same job compared with a regular user? because the DBA can create the table for me.

Thanks a lot,