I have an Oracle table called idea.
relevant columns to this question are:
idea_id, divisionId, status,description

I want to write a sql query which wil generate a summary report of all ideas in the table grouped by division.

That is my query output will be

Open In Review Closed Total
Engineering 1 1 0 2
Production 5 3 2 10
IT 2 0 0 2

Total 8 4 2 14 (grand total)

Engineering, Production,IT etc are divisions of the system.

There is a lookup table for divisions

DivisionId DivisionDesc
1 Engineering
2 Production
3 IT
so on..

Open, In review, Closed are all statuses. There is a status column in Idea table.

Is it possible to do this in a single oracle query?

Thanks, bxm