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    Unanswered: Insert Date/Time Issue

    Hi everyone,

    Today while testing my insert SQL for my Access DB I notice after the insert was applied it inserted the time 1 hour behind. I applied all the updates Microsoft offered and my clock in the lower right corner is the correct time..... How could this be????

    Could this be a serious issue that has not been addressed yet.. It seems like they just changed the clock down in the lower left to look an hour ahead but the internals are still off an hour....

    Any thoughts on this?

    I just figured I post this topic to get everyones thoughts..

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    sounds suspisciously like a summer time issue to me
    it could be a regional settings issue
    what is the data being stored on, and is the time on that device different.. eg if you are using a server backend is it possible that that device's clock is incorrect?

    glad that in jolly old blighty we aren't tinkering with the start date at short notice.. still got 2 weeks to go I think
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    Yes that is the case our server at work was never updated.. Right after I wrote this topic I logged into the server and checked the time..


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    Damn, beaten to the DST answer!
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