Recently, when I rebooted my DB2 server, I received a message in db2diag.log about APLD has been truncated, and I should adjuste DB2NTMEMSIZE to a larger APLD. When I did a search on web I found a similar posting posted a year ago (see below). My question is: I do see a lot of fenced stored procedures defined, but HOW can I find out how many ACTIVE SPs are running at a time? Thanks in advance.
(I have DB2 UDB for Windows V8.1 with Fixpak10.)

The original posting and reply:
When ever I start DB2, I get the message that APLD has been truncated
> and that I should add the param to the DB2 registry DB2NTMEMSIZE =
> APLD:125830720
> The documentation says that APLD is related to Fenced Stored
> Procedures, can someone please advise why it would want 125mb of memory
> simply for fenced stored procedures ? Does the number of SPs defined
> make a difference ?
> Many thanks, Tim[/color]

Hi Tim,

The DB2 engine needs to be able to send data to/from each running
stored procedure. So, this memory is related to the number of active
SPs at a time, not the number that are defined. If you know that you
only have a small number of fenced SPs running at a time, you won't
need a large APLD set, so you can ignore this warning.

You can use the ASLHEAPSZ DBM configuration parameter to control the
size of the APLD set, as well as the DB2_FMP_COMM_HEAPSZ registry
variable (look in your docs for descriptions of these 2 parameters).