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    Question Unanswered: Issues with logging into IBM DB2 Version 8.2

    This may be the wrong place to ask this, but I thought I would give it a shot for the DB2 gurus. If it is the wrong spot, I apologize.

    We have some users that use IBM DB2 Version 8.2 Development Client (DB2UDB 8 FixPak 9) that log into our DB2 database (on AIX 5.2). They are using the Command Editor to “connect to <DATABASE> user <LOGIN>” and hit CONTROL + ENTER or the EXECUTE button. The next box will pop up and ask for a password. If they key in their password wrong, it will fail three times on the database and not allow them to sign back in until the failed counts are reset.

    I have tried the same user login that failed in version 8 in IBM DB2 Version 7, Command Center, using the same connect command. When I miskey their password for testing purposes, the failed count on the database box will show as “1”, allowing them two more chances to log in.

    Is there a setting or patch in the DB2 version 8 that I’m missing? Keep in mind they we have upgraded these users from version 7 to version 8, if that makes any difference.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    As far as I can remember, I used to experience 'userid disabled' errors in V7 also... I guess there was some problem with your V7 setup which has been resolved in your V8 and hence the error ...

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