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    Unanswered: Can I become an Oracle DBA?

    I have always been fascinated by Oracle and always dreamed about making a career in this technology. Commitments made me choose a sales career, but i intend to take this serious now. I just want to know from experts, is it something I can do at the age of 32! am not doubting myself, but at this age I ought know what i got to do and i know tht its Oracle for me. If there is something else you guys wud like to suggest, let me know!

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    grab some books and start studying after that, aim for certification

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    IMO, certification without any hands on experience at least as a programmer/developer is a waste of time, effort & money.
    NOBODY will hire a sales guy with a piece of paper claiming to be a DBA.
    In many/most/all cases, when the the DB is down, the business is DOWN.
    Would you be willing to bet the fate of the whole company on a rookie when the database has a problem that was not covered by the Certification test?
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    I agree with anacedent.

    Try & 'shadow' a DBA for a while & see if you can get a 'feel' for the job - to see whether of not it's something that floats you boat, or bores you to death (or even scares you to death!).

    Once you know what sort of environment you'll be working in, what tasks you'll be doing, what strange/stupid requests you'll get etc, then you'll be better able to decide whether or not you want to spend the rest of your (working) life up to your elbows in Oracle

    If it is for you, then experience is essential, as is proper training. Accept that you'll be starting at the bottom, & that it will take some years to rise to a reasonable level.
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    I stand corrected

    yeah, I've started way back as a visual basic / java programmer. It is with my interest in Oracle that I became so engrossed with it PLUS the certification programme is driving me crazy

    but don't worry, with a little patience and hard work, things will start to unfold.

    anacedent: thanks, I learned from your post
    cis_groupie: that's true, I remembered the time that I messed up a configuration with other RDBMS. Really scared me to death.

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