I am trying to install plPerl for PostgreSQL in a windows environment. The main install seems to indicate that it will go ahead and set plPerl up for me, but fails with an error indicating that it can't find the required dll file. Searching for the file, I find it exactly where the installer said it couldn't find it.

After that I tried to setup plPerl manually by putting the required dll on the system following the instructions on the PostgreSQL website. However, when I do that, PostgreSQL gives an error on startup to the effect: "languages installed but not activated in any database", which I am unable to find any useful reference for.

Has anybody here setup plPerl in a windows environment who would be interested in sharing what they learned or helpful urls? Is there a single DLL that is neccessary ( the perl58.dll file referenced in the documentation ) or do you need all of perl installed on the windows environment. I understand you may need all of perl installed in order to create the DLL but is there somewhere I can reliably download a pre-created DLL?

Thanks all in advance.