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Thread: Fiscal period

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    Unanswered: Fiscal period

    How to creat fiscal periods and use them in access applications

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    fiscal periods depend on the organisation
    as they are not necesarily the same as the real world calenday (ie they raely match to say a month (some organistaion have leap finanical years, some always run 4 week periods...., usually its best to create work calendar indentifying the start of the period and its period number and the financial year (if appropriate

    2006/01/01 | 1 ..if the financial year is always the same as the calendar year

    2006/01/01 | 2006 | 12 ..if you need to identify the financial year this period belongs to

    i have used a production calendar which attempted to identify working days (for, weekends, holidays etc.... but thats another story
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    But haow can I create this and use in MSaccess applications? Can U help me

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