I am working on analyzing the network traffic for MS SQL Server. The setup for generating the traffic is as follows:

Server: MS SQL server version 2000

Client: SQL Query Analyser version SQL 8.00

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

The issue here is, by default Kerberos authentication is enabled on the above operating system. But I want to enable NTLM authentication on Windows Server 2003 inorder to capture a trace and check whether it contains NT authentication packet embedded in the TDS login packet as described in the TDS document.

I disabled Kerberos from the windows services and enabled NTLM from services. But it did not work out.

Also I enabled NTLM by editing the Group Policy from “Active Directory Users and Computers” by going in “Administrative Tools” on Windows. But still it did not work out.

In both the above cases, the packet had Kerberos authentication only when I selected the option “Windows Authentication” in the Query Analyser while logging in to the MS SQL Server.

Any references/inputs which answer this issue would be appreciated.