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    Red face a school project not to forget

    man. why do teachers dump these things on students. well, there ya go, i have no real experience in databases. here is the concept. the students choose sports every term, and in this, there is a form, which all students fill out. it is priotorised, so, the people in higher years get the sport spots first whereas the people in lower years get them last. so heres the plan. ive made a form in infopath 2003 and they choose three sports from most important to least. and it should go to a server at school, which sorts it out. so, at the end of the day, teachers can open the app/database to see which students made it into what. problem: i have no flippin idea how to. and if the sport is full they get sorted to the next sport and there on. if they make it into no sport, there is a common control sport called "house sport". help is great needed. save my soul.

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    no can do, sorry

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    If you take a stab at it and run into a specific error or have a specific question, someone on the forum may assist you.
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