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    Unanswered: help with a datascript

    i insert for a chat the below script, where the online users are, i want to display a check box on each username, so i can delete them, some can help me out?

      /* ---- */
    $install[]='CREATE TABLE '.$prefix.'_online(
    usr_id integer NOT NULL,
    usr_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
    usr_ip varchar(15) NOT NULL,
    rtime integer NOT NULL)'.$heap_type;
    /* ---- */
    $install[]='CREATE TABLE '.$prefix.'_lines(
    line_id integer NOT NULL,
    from_id integer NOT NULL,
    from_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
    line_stamp integer NOT NULL,
    line_txt varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    line_biu varchar(3) NOT NULL,
    line_clr varchar(32) NOT NULL)'.$heap_type;
    /* ---- */

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    what language is that, please? your question is in the mysql forum, but mysql does not support checkboxes | @rudydotca
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    so i need to make a php script, that wrote the users so i can make a check box there so i can delete them?

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