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    question about inventory design


    i have an assignment to build an inventory system.. actually i have made the tables and attributes from supplier, inventory and customer.. but i still have doubt with my own designn.. =) i know that it's not the best one and maybe in some areas, i feel uncertain with the design..

    so, the case is:

    there are several forms of product, such as tube, liquid, tablet, etc
    1 product could only has 1 form
    each form could be sold in box, or per pieces (the price per unit will be different)
    for simplicity, each product is recorded in its smallest unit. for example, if the supplier sell product A in boxes that consists of 12 tablets, then in inventory product A's amount of stock will be recorded in tablets not in box.

    maybe my explanation is quite confusing. thus, i attach the product part of my erd.. please correct me if i get something wrong..
    thank's for your attention..
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