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    Alaska-Software Xbase

    I used clipper 5.1 years ago. I am trying to get back into it and was looking at Clipper upgrades, Flagship, Harbour and then finally Alaska-software Xbase.

    Anybody have any experience with Alaska Xbase software? It seems the best of the bunch although it is expensive. I would like feedback from anybody who has any opinions on any of the above, and please state your reasons.

    Im new to the group and probably the most ignorant being out of it for so many years. Just getting back into it as a hobby. Thanks for your help.

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    out on a limb
    if you are doing something for a hobby then presumably cost matters
    if you are doing something as a hobby for others (eg charities, clubs or whtever then another issue is to make sure the app can be supported by other people (eg if you move town, get run over by a bus or having a flaming row with the persons in that club or charity)

    In my books there's a lot to be said for sticking to mainstream or coming products and technologies.

    personally I dont know much about Alsaka XBase.. may be worth asking the question in the XBase thread.

    As its a hobby, and presumably you are going to be re-learnign Id suggest that your efforts may be better focussed elsewhere.

    Theres lots of possibilities.. not just the obvious Access, you can use server back ends, you could consider web scripting (PHP, ASP and the like). you oculd consider standard web stuff with Javascript, you could do a mix and consider somethign like Web 2 using AJAX or whatever.

    It seductive to stick with what you know, but if you are "tinkering" then now may be a good time to dip you toes in different waters.
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    Hi friends,
    use this link

    I hope that you will find information you need.
    On this site you will find one ebook in PDF format with information how to transfer old Clipper application into NEW win32 application FAST using Alaska Xbase.

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