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    Unanswered: Q Replication trouble

    Hi, I'm trying to establish unidirectional q replication between to db2 instances (ver
    First of all, I installed WebSphere MQ (ver. 530.4 csd04) on both mashines, then created queue managers with all corresponding objects, tested them. They just work out fine.
    Then, according to steb-by-step manual (ibm redbook High Availability and Scalability Guide for DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows) i started to configure previously created MQ objects, but when i press "validate WebSphere MQ objects" I always get the following error:

    ASN2261E An operating system error occurred while executing the command "" on the host "DBSVR" by the stored procedure "ASN.ADMINIF" in database "IASGISS". The operating system error message is "mqm.dll : Cannot load the specified librarymqm.dll : Cannot load the specified library".

    Can anybody help me out with it?
    I'll be grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Look into the db2diag.log and the windows event log ... they may give some useful pointers.

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