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    Unanswered: access db password protecting itself

    we have an access db that somehow got password protected itself -- does anyone know how this could have happened and what we can do to unpassword protect when we don't know the password.

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    Databases don't password protect themselves - someone applied one to the database...
    As for unpassword protecting it - I have looked into it using a database unlocking tool etc but nothing appears to work.

    I advise you find out who set the password and what they changed it to. Then slap them round the face.
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    is it possible that someone has applied workgroup security to Access.. if so consider opening access joining to the local security workgroup file (usualy system.mda in you user profile.

    failing that as george says, using both hands graps each of your users warmly by the throat and find who did the dirty deed. After you have recovered the password and taught the user the error of their ways, Id suggest holding a South African style necklace party to encourage other users to stray from the path of righteousness.
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