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    Unanswered: Multiple Values for single row

    hi iam totally new to databases , as a project i have to design a database of users...they have to register first like any i used stored procs and made entries to database using insert command...its working for now..

    now every user will search and add other users in the every user will have a contact list...i have no idea how to implement this...

    so far i created a table 'UserAccount' with column names as
    UserName as varchar(50)
    Password as varchar(50)
    EmailID as varchar(100)
    DateOfJoining as datetime
    UserID as int ---> this is unique for user..i enabled automatic increment..and this is primary key..

    so now every user must have a list of other userid's.. as contact list..

    Any help any ideas will be great since i have no clue how to put multiple values for each row..i didnt even know how to search for this problems solution..iam sorry if this posted somewhere else..

    if it helps..iam using sql server express edition..and iam accessing using
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    Create a contact list table which includes columns,



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