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    Unanswered: Question about Picture Property

    I'm converting an Access application to VB.NET.

    I have a question about the image files that my forms' picture properties have been set to. If it's something like C:\My Docs\Customers.wmf, is that image lost to me forever if I don't know who the original developer was and where his C:\My Docs directory might be??? I'm assuming once it's set, the picture somehow resides inside Access (and that is how I can run the app, not having such an image and directory on my machine), and I probably can't extract it.

    Thanks for your help.

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    C:\My Docs\Customers.wmf is the path to the given graphics. Storing the path is the preferred way to use graphics with Access, as actually storing the graphics within Access causes incredible bloat of the file. Obviously, C:\My Docs was the location on the computer that the db was developed/run on for the graphics, so naturally, if the db no longer resides on the same computer, the path is useless and the graphics are lost. Graphics are not my forte, but the WMF (Windows metafile) extension indicates that this is apparently a fairly old application. WMFs sort of went by the roadside with the rise of the GIF and JPEG file formats. Sorry!
    Hope this helps!

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