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    Unanswered: Query variable

    Who can make something usefull of this.. I'm trying to create the variable Prov in the query, so that I can use this in the VBA code to calculate where wanted..
    Private Sub Kapitaal_AfterUpdate()
    Dim strProvisie As Variant
    Dim Prov As Variant
    Dim strKap As Variant
    strKap = Me.Kapitaal.Value
    SQL = "SELECT Verzekering.v_ID, Verzekering.maatschappij, Verzekering.soort," _
    & "Verzekering.ProvisiePerc, Polissen.VerzId," _
    & "([Polissen].[Kapitaal]*[Verzekering].[ProvisiePerc]) AS Prov" _
    & "FROM Verzekering INNER JOIN Polissen ON Verzekering.v_ID = Polissen.VerzId;"
    'DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE Verzekering SET [Provisie]=Int([Polissen].[Kapitaal]*[Verzekering].[ProvisiePerc]);"
    'MsgBox stProv, vbOKCancel, "Provisie Berekening"
    If Me.VerzId = 1 Then
        Me.Provisie = strKap * strProvPerc
        'ElseIf Me.VerzId = 2 Then
        'Me.Provisie = Me.Kapitaal * (Prov)
     'ElseIf Me.VerzId = 4 Then
     '   Me.Provisie = Me.Kapitaal * (Prov)
      Else: Me.Provisie = 0
      MsgBox stProv, vbOKCancel, "Provisie Berekening"
    End If
    End Sub

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    the only way to use the result of the calculation you want to do is to run the SQL after you have built it, then either use a Domain function like DLookup to find that value in the query results, or open the query results in a recordset to obtain that field on a record by record basis.

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    Hmm. oke
    Is this possible then ?
    If Me.VerzId = 1 Then
        Me.Provisie = Me.Kapitaal * [table].[percentage]   
    ElseIf Me.VerzId = 2 Then
        Me.Provisie = Me.Kapitaal * [table].[percentage]
    Where I don't know the syntax for [table].[percentage]
    table layout:

    v_ID : Primary Key(Autonummering)
    maatschappij : tekst
    soort : tekst
    ProvisiePerc : numeriek (percentage)

    VerzId: linked to [Verzekering].[v_ID]
    Kapitaal : Valuta
    Provisie : Valuta

    2nd problem (for me though) is to match the field ProvisiePerc with the proper record I think..
    Have no idea if this is possible and how..
    Thanks for supporting me..

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