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    Exclamation Unanswered: Slow database and buffer pools

    I've noticed that on our test server db2 8.2 database is slow (windows server 2003)
    Also I've found these linen in logs
    2007-03-20- InstanceB2 Node:000
    PID:2088(db2syscs.exe) TID:3088 Appid:*LOCAL.DB2.070320083852
    buffer pool services sqlbStartPools Probe:2 Database:TOOLSDB

    ADM6073W The table space "TBSP32KTMP0000" (ID "4") is configured to use buffer
    pool ID "2", but this buffer pool is not active at this time. In the interim
    the table space will use buffer pool ID "4099". The inactive buffer pool
    should become available at next database startup provided that the required
    memory is available.

    Please, help to solve this problem. I'm trying to do this for 2 days but haven't got a solution. Thanks.

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    Assuming that you have already done a db2stop (with force if necessary) and then db2start, and that did not solve the problem, then you need to create a new bufferpool with page size of 32K. I don't know how much free memory you have, but start with 1000 pages.
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    This message usually indicates a misconfigured buffer pool. Figure out which buffer pool has the ID 2 (see catalog view SYSCAT.BUFFERPOOLS) and verify its configuration. Maybe it is just too big and can't be created on your system. If so, resize the buffer pool and make it smaller.
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    thanks all... I'll try and let you know.

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