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    Question Unanswered: Full Text Searching

    I've assumed responsibilty for a sqlserver 2000 that has many databases and has only 1 database that uses full text searching. That 1 application now wishes for me to update the noise words file to remove the single characters.

    As far as I can tell, no other application is using the full text searching since I don't see any catalogs created for any of them.

    So, if no other databases and applications in this sqlserver have catalogs created for them, can I safely assume that changing the noise words file will not impact any of them even if the other databases do have text fields in some tables?

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    First, which version of SQL are you using? What edition?

    Second, thanks for your question; I went Googling for some answers and found some other links to (unrelated) stuff that I found useful.

    Third, I don't have the "textbook" answer (I'm still googling), but I found this link on M$ site: I hope it helps.

    I'll continue to dig around.


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    thanks for any help!
    It's sql server 2000 standard edition - SP4.

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