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    Unanswered: American Express .dat file import into Oracle (JDE)

    We have a requirement to take an American Express .dat file (with card transactions...TRANSACTION TYPE, AMOUNT, VENDOR NAME, etc...) and convert it to a Z file for processing in JDE. The JDE table in which data should be inserted is F09E150. Do you have advice on other customers using this or a similar process? We need a way to convert the .dat file into a 'file' for the JDE Z file. Is there a best practice being used? Or a custom program being used by other customers, written in VB? (Or other language.) The .dat file is not delimited by any character; it is column specified in their mapping document. There is a filler char at the end of each line transaction.

    Is SQL Loader a possible solution?

    I hope there must be some easy way, outside JDE, to directly convert the .dat file to an Oracle table. And, if there is such way, we can just directly convert the .dat file to the Z file.

    Thank you for any advice!

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    Unfortunately, you are talking a foreign language. I've never heard of "Z file" or "F09E150" so this probably won't help much, but - if your Oracle database version supports it, you might take a look at the external tables feature. Basically, your .DAT file would be used just as an ordinary Oracle table (thus its name, "external table"). You could have it in the FROM clause of the SELECT statement etc. Quite a nice concept.

    Of course, if applicable to your problem.

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    Sorry for the JDE language. The basic goal is to get a .dat file into Oracle. So, I'll look at the external table information you sent.

    Thanks again!

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