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    Unanswered: TCL for IBM UniVerse

    I'm new to the IBM UniVerse db. I'm working with an application called Total Return. It contains a TCL Viewer that let's me view the data in the tables. Problem is, I don't know any TCL commands. Anyone have any suggestions where I might find some documentation on TCL for IBM UniVerse?

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    You can find TCL commands in the Universe documentation set available for download from the IBM web site (

    TCL commands fall into main categories - system adminstration commands (e.g CREATE-FILE) and the Retrieve query language commands.

    I suspect that you will find the latter more useful. Look at the Guide to Retrieve manual.

    To get you started LISTFILES will list all the files (what you may call tables) on your system. LIST.DICT filename will list the dictionaries in each file - these are the field definitions for each column that you can include in your query.

    So if you have a file called CUSTOMER and it has a dictionary called NAME you can type SORT CUSTOMER NAME at TCL and it will list all the customers and their names.

    You can also use standard SQL to query these files from TCL - simply type in the sql statement that you would like to use.

    Be careful when doing queries on very large files - they can impact on the performance of the system.

    Finally, you should consider subscribing to the mail lists hosted by the IBM U2 Users group (, which is a very knowledgable and helpful group of people who will be able to help you with any questions that the manuals dont answer.

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