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    Unanswered: running backup and restore...

    I had my IT dept. install sql server 2005 enterprise edition on a new windows server 2003. All other machines are running sql 2000 server on windows server 2000. I am a sa and local admin on all servers. I tried performing copy database, backup and restore and detach and attach to upgrade the sql server 2000 databases to 2005 and all fail. They also installed sql server 2005 sp2. I followed all steps. It's like the servers dont talk to each other. Their all on the company's domain. I am wondering if something happen with the install but the IT dept. insist that everything went fine. It's strange that I can't perform a simple backup and restore it on the new server buy when I click on restore it doesn't let me browse to get the backup file on the 2000 server. I never had a problem in Sql 2000 with backup. Can it be the installation was corrupted somehow. It seems fine. I haven't created any new databases because I wanted to move the databases from sql 2000. Can anyone help me get a clue of what the problem is please?


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    Sounds like the service account for the SQL Server 2005 service has no network rights. Try copying the backup file locally, then doing the restore.

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