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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 active/active Cluster and different IP adresses

    We run several SQL 2000 SP4 instances on IA64 active/active cluster. The OS we run with is Windows Server 2003 SP1. We have different network cards : 2 network cards teamed for production purposes in domain X and 1 network card dedicated for problem solving in domain Y.
    First we configured the cluster with only the 2 teamed network cards for production purposes in domain X. Later we introduced the second network card for problem solving in domain Y.
    Everything looks fine. The (virtual) SQL instance listens on two different IP adresses on TCP port 1034. If we try to make connection via isql, EM or Query analyzer than we can directly contact the SQL instance from a workstation/server within domain X but this doesn't work form a workstation/server within domain Y. However if we use the specific TCP port in the connection in domain Y the connection is setup. We wish however not to use explicit TCP ports in setting up connections.
    Has anyone experienced the same problem before or has anyone an idea how to solve the problem?

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    I note that you are running on a non-default port. Are you sure that you actually connect using TCP/IP connection from Domain X? I suspect you actually connect using Named Pipes instead. To be able to connect without using TCP/IP without specifying port numbers you should use default port numbers.
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