Setup: Oracle Apps 10g (v10.1.0.2) software running on an Apps Server with W2003 O/S.

Problem: Implementing an IP Security Policy results in memory slowly being eaten.

Symptoms: If the IP Security Policy is assigned, when I start the Middle Tier (BI with Forms), the memory slowly but regularly is eaten up - watching the memory usage, after about 30 seconds a java.exe process is spawned, which takes up some memory, and then every further 30 seconds another java.exe process is spawned which also takes up some memory. Even though the amount taken by each process is not large, after a while there is no memory left on the server.

I am trying to implement an IP Security Policy on my Apps Server. I have copied across the script currently being used on one of our 9i Apps Servers & have hit a problem - I would expect this, as 9i & 10g are different, but I am unable to resolve this problem.

I have narrowed the problem down to the Middle Tier (i.e. the Infrastructure isn't causing the problem), and from the symptoms my guess is that a service (maybe a Listener service?) is trying to use a port that I've blocked - because the port is blocked & the process isn't working as expected, another process is spawned to try again.

I know the IPSecPol script is OK (I've tested it with no 'Deny All' command & it worked as expected). Which means that one or more ports are being blocked that need to be open.

I have gone through all the ports that I can think of (i.e. all the ones mentioned in the portlist.ini file, all the ones under the Ports tab in OEM), but to no avail.

Can anyone help? Does anyone know of an obscure port that needs to be open for 10g?