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    Unanswered: Connection Reset

    Hi all

    I have build an application on top of SQL Server 2005 and i am using microsoft driver. My application stops periodically becoz of Database Connection Loss and I get the following exception An exception occurred during the DBComms.transmit operation. Exceptionocket closed. Context5) [Thread[Thread-55,5,main], IO:7e2dc, Dbc:null].
    10:06:14:703 AM at keFromDriverError(Unknown Source)
    10:06:14:703 AM at own Source)
    10:06:14:703 AM at Unknown Source)
    10:06:14:703 AM at ndExecute(Unknown Source)
    10:06:14:703 AM at ExecuteQuery(Unknown Source)
    10:06:14:703 AM at ement.executeQuery(Unknown Source)

    Unable to find the exact reason for the above problem. Pl advice

    Thanks & Rgds

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    It apppears to me that you get some kind of timeout, and the connection is closed, but I might be proven wrong. Nevertheless, you should handle such cases, as this may happen even in the most critical high availability solutions, for instance if a SQL Server Cluster is failing over. Applications should be able to reconnect automagically.
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