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    Unanswered: public variables

    is there a way i can create a variable that can be accessed from any form at any time?

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    Put it in a module ... Modules are available to all forms at any time ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    As a reminder to yourself that it's public, use PUBLIC instead of DIM when you dimension the variables.
    PUBLIC pubStrVar As String
    PUBLIC pubIntVar As Integer
    For even more fun, you can use PUBLIC Subs and Functions in the modules as well.
    have fun!

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    j walker,

    What I do for my public variables, so they will ALWAYS be available, is put them on a hidden form this is always open. This way, for example, when I get a start and end date from the user for a report, I put those dates into the hidden form, and then have the query that feeds the report look for start and end dates in the hidden form. When testing a report, I don't have to keep keying in the start and end dates either. When something bombs, and it always does, I have all my public variables available for help in debuging my code. If you are talking about variables that are only used in VBA code, and will not be used in forms or reports, those are the one that I define as Global, or as Public.

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