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    Arrow Unanswered: IMPORTANT --- Need your valuable suggesstion on rollback tablespace

    Need help from Oracle Experts,

    This is a query related to Oracle 8i database. We are troubleshooting issues with rollback segment errors. In our environment we are NOT getting ORA-01555 errors. However, the rollback segments are getting FULL frequently

    ORA-1650: unable to extend rollback segment R03 by 128 in tablespace RBS
    Failure to extend rollback segment 4 because of 1650 condition
    FULL status of rollback segment 4 set.

    and transactions are trying to use SYSTEM rollback resulting in error "ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace"

    I am aware about solutions to this issue and upgrade to Oracle 9i to use Undo (SMU) is not immediate solution for this setup.

    However I just found an article :
    which mentions
    ================================================== ======
    Never create rollback segments using multiple datafiles within a single tablespace. Always use a single datafile or multiple tablespaces with a single datafile each. Rollback segments will not autoextend for a single transaction across multiple datafiles with the same tablespace. An attempt to extend in this fashion will simply cause Oracle to send the calling process a break (Ctl-C) and the transaction will be aborted. There should be some evidence in the alert log showing a rollback segment running out of space. This alert log evidence will not be in the form of ORA-00??? errors.
    ================================================== ======

    Our database has 4 datafiles of 500 MB for single rollback tablespace RBS.
    Any thoughts on - if we put a single 2GB datafile for single RBS tablespace (OR create multiple RBS tablespaces with one datafile for each) will help us address the issue ?

    Kindly share your experience / opinion on this.

    Thanks a lot for you time.

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