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    Unanswered: why i hate Advantage Database server

    I'm posting this to rant and let off steam, no offense intended

    I just took a job as db admin/developer in a shop that i was told at first ran on Paradox. Now as i'm getting deeper into it i discover a whole other database living on our network that Paradox has to interact with.. Sybase-iAnywhere Advantage Database server, and i hate it.

    First of all, i can't seem to identify anywhere on our LAN where the actual server is running. There was one person using the client app and i had to download and install it on my computer too. There is a server where the tables are kept but no trace of an actual server. I understand that the server is supposed to not be a regular app but instead it's a service, and i've looked through the services and everywhere else on the machine in question. How can this be? The client we use is a free download too btw. We have all the .adt and other files we access with the clients, but no server and that doesnt make sense to me.

    Second, and this is the part that ticked me off: i'm trying to trace down what this thing is doing on my system. After installing the client, i notice that it does create an entry in the Start Menu, but it doesn't have a folder under Program Files. So where does it store the .exe, where does it live and run from? I right click the short cut in the start menu to find the target, and find out it's one of the 'special' shortcuts microsoft has that hides things from you. In other words the "Target" field doesn't show the path to the .exe and its 'grayed-out" besides.

    The actual name of the app it shows is 'Advantage Data Architect v8.1'

    Whew, i feel better!

    Anybody have any thoughts to share, helpful ones hopefully


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    The more Sybase is trying to get out of the Database Centric market attitude they seem to get muddied themselves with acquisitions that have their own version of a DBMS system. Look at their website now, they have like 6 different DBMS products cannibalizing each other.

    Their pitch is that each is a special purpose utility DBMS. Our Product #1 is super-fast doing large SELECT statements. Oh! you should try this one, it is super fast with ("only") UPDATE statements. This product #3 is really good running PROCS & TRIGGERS and the this #4 fits in your Mobile phone and also allows you to do SELECT. ummm... I better try the shop next

    Thanks for bringing this up, the rest of the day will be breeze after this whinge.

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