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    Unanswered: Strange Re-sort Behavior?

    Hi All,

    I'm not new to Access programming. But in a couple of my own personal projects, I've noticed a strange behavior that has only been cropping up in the last few projects with my version of Access 2003.

    If I have a form using a query for a recordset and I add a record to the bottom of the list, and then I update or save that record, the record suddenly jumps up from the bottom of the list (where my cursor is located) to the location in the list where it would have been sorted, had I opened the form for the first time and was viewing previously saved records.

    For example, if I have a form in datasheet view with these records:


    And I go to the bottom of the form and enter, "Berries", as soon the the word is completely typed in, the record will disappear from where my cursor is and when I scroll up to the spot between Apples and Cherries, I will find Berries situated there.

    Technically, this is where the record should appear, but I never recalled this behavior in the past; in fact I always taught my Access clients that until you requeried the form or closed it or researched for a record using some coding, the newly entered records would stay at the bottom of the list.

    To say the least, it's very disconcerting to have entries disappear while I'm still editing them. The situation has already happened where I'll be editing one record and it disappears on me and then I'm typing over the wrong record.

    Am I missing something simple here? Is there an option to not requery after a record is updated? Is this a bug or new design feature?

    I figured maybe it was a bug in my form but unless it's corruption I can't find anything odd code-wise or settings-wise that would make it do this.

    Thanks in advance.

    I believe my software is up to date, including the latest Jet update. I have WinXP-SP2 and IE7.


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    wow Maybe that's some kind of new "feature"

    Looks like that's happening before an update event even occurs?
    I haven't used 03, is it possible that something is going on in an OnChange

    Most importantly, though...
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    [Didn't receive the notice of your post for some reason; sorry for responding late.]

    Could be a new feature? Anyone have more thoughts on this? If I take the sort out it works but then of course everything's out of order but at least the records stay put until I'm finished looking at them.


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    I can't say I have ever noticed this before - although I swear this thread was solved a month or so back - you might want to scroll back through the latest handful of threads in the Access forum (or use the search feature) for something similar...
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
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