This question has probably been asked many times - BUT - My old loved computer died. Am forced to move from VFP 3.0 to either Access or VFP 9. My needs are very simple. Want to do invoicing, sales commission tracking, product costs etc on 1 or 2 computers - laptops. Will have 2 to 4 fairly small tables (or for us older people - db's). I programmed these initially in dBase.
My questions:

1. Will it be relatively easy to go from VFP 3 to Access 2007?

2. Can I import the table (.dbf) files seamlessly?

3. What about the programs in VFP - I think they're compiled from the old .prg files to .fxp files already in VFP. Can I import them into Access?

4. Or do I want to buy VFP? I don't need to share anything with any other computer other than another 1 in my office, nothing over the net - very basic needs! Don't really wish to program anymore! If so whats the going rate for VFP 9.0?