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    Unanswered: connection failed - ODBC from remote SQL SERVER

    im trying to create an ODBC data source from a SQL SERVER 2005 database located in a remoted pc.
    Client----------->PC1 : win 2000 sp4, not sql server
    Remote server--->PC2 : win 2000 sp4, sql server 2005 express

    From the Command Prompt, im typing "ping PC2" successfully.
    After, in the ODBC datasource administrator-->System DNS tab, i choose "sql server" as a new data source , and in the server box , i'm typing PC2/SQLEXPRESS.

    In the next steps, im typing the user-passwords.
    The error :
    connection failed
    [microsoft][odbc sql server driver][named pipes]ConnectionOpen(CreateFile()).
    Connection failed:
    SQLState: '08001'
    Client unable to establish connection

    What goes wrong?
    I follow the same steps locally, and everything is OK.

    Sorry for my bad english

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    Here's an article on troubleshooting connectivity issues on SQL Server Express.
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    SQL 2005 does not support the Named Pipes protocol by default. I would choose a different protocol, preferably TCP/IP. You can set the protocol using the Client Configuration button on the second screen of the DSN definition in the ODBC DSN applet.


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