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Used & Vintage Clothes Outlets Database

This database contains a variety of fabulous vintage clothing outlets and stores that offer everything from the outrageous to the elegant and reserved accessories. Categories include: Resale- Second Hand- & Used Merchandise Stores, Used Infant Clothing Retail, Clothing & Accessories Consignment & Resale, Consignment Services & Shops, Used Formal Wear Retail, Used Clothing Retail, Collectible & Vintage Clothing Retail.<br><br>
It doesn�t take a hardcore fashionista or high-powered fashion designer to realize that the vintage and used clothing market is booming as it never had before. Tune in to any music channel or open any fashion magazine and you�ll notice that there is a veritable army of people decked out in eye-catching and unique garb from a previous era. It is the age of chic retro-fashion and for many people, the more individual and quirky your look the better; indeed many people are only too happy to have their fashion sense border on the deliciously ironic or even downright outrageous. For these mavericks of the fashion world, that vintage denim tour jacket with their favorite bands logo or that �so-tacky-that-its-fashionable� corduroy bell-bottomed pants could be just the thing to add some spice to an otherwise humdrum wardrobe.

International pop music icons like Madonna and Lenny Kravitz along with a host of others have arguably played a large role in the resurgence of retro clothing as fashion statement. The hippie look, which enjoys occasional popularity to this day, along with rock and roll garb or street fashion, which has really never gone out of style, ensures a large number of people who thrive on the vintage and used clothes market.

Record Fields: ID, Category, Sub Category, Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Country, Area Code Check, FIPS Code, County, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude, Longitude, MSA Code, PMSA Code

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