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    Unanswered: External UDF C assistance - Newbie

    In an existing SQL UDF, we have developed a sql statement. The statement is dynamic as tables can change based on the parameters that are passed in.

    Question: Is there a way to return a table with the result set of the sql statement? The issue is that the sql statement is generated - so it exists as part of a string (which can be very complex). I am open to look at an external UDF in C.

    Create Function GetPeerGroup
    (IN_ID Integer,
    IN_Period date)
    Returns table (
    OUT_ID Integer)

    set squery = 'select col1 from table1 where col1 in (select x from y where a = b) and col1 in (select x1 from y1 where a1 = b1)';

    -- squery can become very complex

    -- the goal is to execute the query and return the result set. I am looking into calling a C UDF that has an in parameter of varchar for the squery and returns a table.

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    As I already told you in the DB2 newsgroup: your tables do not change dynamically. Instead, you are querying a fixed set of tables depending on the parameters. So you could simply stick to static SQL (and SQL-bodied functions) and apply some logic to exclude/include the data from certain tables.

    As you should have noticed, I would be willing to help you. But I asked you several times for a verbal description of the semantics of your table function. Nothing relevant was forthcoming so far, which prevents any real help.
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    New issue


    This can be considered a different issue.
    I am looking at learning external UDF functions for C. In the db2 group, you requested sample data which takes authority with others.

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