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    Question Unanswered: Record ID problem

    I have one database table which I set the starting record ID to a 6 digit number and had no problems until a system crash. Now something happens about every two weeks and the next record counter resets itself to an existing record ID and will not automaticlly add a new record number. I have repaired the database, rebuilt the master table where this problem occurs to no avail. The only way I can fix it when it happens is to copy / past the table structure only (i.e. blank table) and append all the records from the problem table into it. This works until it gets reset again.

    I have hundreds of tables set up this way with no problems. Is there some code to cause the record ID to reset? Is there some code that I can use to force the next record count to be the last record ID plus 1?

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    See if there is anything in this link that sheds some light on the topic.

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